• TWO APPLES by Al fakher: The crispness of red apple complemented by the sourness of green to create this signature flavor. This blend of fruit and spices is one of true character.
  • ORANGE by Al fakher: Strongly refreshing with a zingy citrus note. Orange’s full flavour experience is just like laying down in the middle of an
    orange field in Florida
  • Melon : Distinctively sweet with a tangy twist. Melon’s generous taste makes for an easy smoke.
  • Mint by Al Fakher: fresh and rich taste of mint.Perfect for mixes: Tobacco Al Fakher Melon + Tobacco Al Fakher Mint.
  • Strawberry by Al Fakher: It is one of the most popular flavors, known for its sweetness in taste. It provides an unmatched taste of sweet strawberries which creates a unique smoking experience
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