5pieces Kanger SSOCC Ni200 Nickel Coils


The Kangertech SSOCC NI200 coils are brand new temperature sensing Organic Cotton Coil (SSOCC) Ni200 replacement coils
designed specifically for use with Kanger’s Subtank range of tank systems. (including the Subtank Nano and the Subtank
Mini, as well as the standard KangerTech Subtank) Because they are temperature sensing and designed exclusively for use
with vaping devices that contain temperature controlling circuit boards such as DNA40 and RDNA mods they SHOULD NOT be used
with any other kind of personal vaping devices.

The Ni200 coils are available with a resistance of 0.15ohm and operate in a range of 20W to 45W. These SSOCC Ni200 coils
are made with organic Japanese cotton which provides a cleaner and purer taste than other types of cotton or wick
material. These coils also last significantly longer than previous models and other coils, offering a larger heating
surface area, and making them ideal for vaping with the more powerful mods.