Introducing the Starbuzz E-Hose Flavor Cartridges
These 12ml Starbuzz flavor are designed for use with the new Starbuzz E-Hose.
The cartridge flavors are identical to their respective hookah tobacco flavors and should far exceed the flavors currently offered in the e-hookah world.
Each cartridge contains 12 ml of flavor liquid and zero nicotine.
You can use multiple cartridges at the same time which allows you to blend your favorite flavors just like you would with a traditional hookah.
You can  mix and match any 2 cartridges of any flavor in the e-hose for your convenience.
This Product DOES NOT Contain Any Nicotine Or Tobacco

Be sure to remove the plastic caps from both ends of your flavor cartridges prior to use.
These caps are there to prevent leakage during shipment but must be removed prior to use.
Not removing the caps can permanently damage your E-Hose.
You must be 18 years of age to order this product

Compatible Model:Starbuzz e-hose Cartridges
Model Number:Starbuzz e hose Cartridges
flavor: WHITE MINT
type: e hose cartridges
Quantity: 2 psc
Features: 0% Nicotine