Hip Flask 8 oz Stainless Steel Flask for Alcohol Pocket Bottle for Whiskey Liquor Wine Alcol Wisky Women Friend Gift Discrete Shot Drinking Anywhere Bring and store your favorite beverage such as vodka, brandy, whiskey, bourbon, gin, tequila shots, rum or cognac drinkware neatly in your pockets anywhere you go Easy Cleaning & the Perfect Gift These Flasks are lightweight and super easy to keep clean and fresh. Fill it up with water. Close. Give it a quick shake, and you’re done! Great for weddings, traveling, sneaking into sports events, fishing, hunting, ski trips, festivals, to smuggle into concerts, golf tours, beach parties, camping, hiking or any other outdoor activity you may enjoy. Specification Capacity: 8oz Color: Rose pink Size:136 * 22 * 93 MM Weight :130 g It has a screw down cap that is attached,so the cap it won’t be lost.
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